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International Stem cell Services aims to provide cost-effective options for stem cell-based services. From the beginning, International Stemcell Services has been working intensively with clinicians to increase the therapeutic utility of adult stem cells and cord blood stem cell therapy.

First company to provide preservation of umbilical cord-derived stem cells.
First company to conduct clinical trials using adult stem cells.
First company to publish clinical data using adult stem cells.
Only company that is heavily investing in research and development.
Only company providing clinical-grade stem cells for therapeutic purposes.
Only company to provide stem cell banking from all major sources of adult stem cells viz. bone marrow, lipoaspirate (fat), mobilized peripheral blood, and umbilical cord/ cord blood.

ISSL has, in agreement with ICMR, exclusive rights to conduct clinical research using the newly discovered Very Small Embryonic-like Stem cells (VSELSCs).


9/1, Mission Road,HCG Tower 5,Bangalore, 560 027 India.080-41148009; 07259028931-35

Phone Numbers:
(Office): +(91)-(80)-41148009

Request for contact:

Email: [email protected]
Email:(2) [email protected]


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